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His Compantion - Mary Magdalene

Magdalene Meditating

...and to His companion, Mary Magdalene.

"I tell you with certainty, wherever this gospel is proclaimed throughout the whole world, what she has done will also be told as a memorial to her."


Who are Magdalene Christians?

Magdalene Christians are those who have welcomed Mary Magdalene as the Companion of Jesus Christ into their Faith.

Magdalene Christians are the Ones who find the Most Value in their spiritual practice sitting at the Feet of the Teacher.

Magdalene Christians are Initiates or desiring to become Initiates into the deepest Mysteries of the Mind of Christ.
The Pure Embrace The Pure Embrace is a short 'commentary' on the Gospel of Philip.
First Lesson - Belief and Faith This Lesson will help with your understanding of the importance of belief and faith.
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